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The Art Loss Register : Helping the Victims of Art Theft
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Alsop and Stormer Architects
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New Art Examiner
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Screenarts Directory: Australia's digital screen arts exhibition directory
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Clothing of the Ancient Celts
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Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)
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Graphic Information Design
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Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing: A Multi-Disciplinary Research and Educational Partnership Between Industry, Government and Academia
RES ID :res15038

Critical Art Ensemble
RES ID :res14755

Campus Design and Architecture
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Prado Museum
RES ID :res14259

Footwear of the Middle Ages
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Voice of the Shuttle: Art and Art History Page
RES ID :res13842

Medieval Manuscript Leaves
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Anima Mundi
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Art in Partnership
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Hype: Monitoring the Black Image in the Media
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Walter Phillips Gallery
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Expressionism: Its Spiritual and Social Voice
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Werner Bischof
RES ID :res3174

The Divided City
RES ID :res13630

Duane Hanson: An Exhibition of Sculpture, Tools and Accessories, Printed Materials, Models, and Memorabilia from the Collection of Mrs. Duane (Wesla) Hanson, December 11, 1997 - January 11, 1998
RES ID :res2953

ERaM: Ethnicity, Racism and Media
RES ID :res3254

Victorian Database Online
RES ID :res13868

A Study to Estimate the Economic Impact of Government Policies Towards Digital Television
RES ID :res14297

The Wright Web Guide
RES ID :res12997

Jessica Stockholder: Your Skin in this Weather Bourne Eye-Threads & Swollen Perfume
RES ID :res14035

De Montfort University School of Architecture
RES ID :res14401

Dye Recipes from the Innsbruck Manuscript
RES ID :res14662

North-South Research Network
RES ID :res15020

A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors
RES ID :res14972

Friends of Lulu
RES ID :res3079

Films: Research and Resources
RES ID :res13662

The Argotist
RES ID :res13871

The Guerrilla Girls: Facts, Humor and Fake Fur
RES ID :res13528

The Heritage Council
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Berenice Abbott's Changing New York
RES ID :res14251

Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People: Highlights from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York
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New York Footnotes
RES ID :res14323

Picturing New York: Paintings by Vincent La Gambina
RES ID :res14367

New York on the Rise: Architectural Renderings by Hughson Hawley, 1880-1931
RES ID :res14351

The City Of New Amsterdam Located On The Island Of Manhattan In New Nether Land
RES ID :res14328

The Talk of the Town: Rea Irvin of The New Yorker
RES ID :res14326

Uncommon Threads: Three Hundred Years of New York Style
RES ID :res14327

Drawing the Future
RES ID :res14324

The Museum for Textiles
RES ID :res14465

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
RES ID :res12934

The Book of Kells
RES ID :res14892

Brian Yoder's Art Gallery & Critic's Corner
RES ID :res2735

Welcome to the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England
RES ID :res12998

Heritage Thesauri
RES ID :res3091

RIBA Directory of Practices
RES ID :res14081

Finnish Film Foundation
RES ID :res3249

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art Amsterdam
RES ID :res13331

Arthouse : Multimedia Centre for the Arts
RES ID :res14684

The Uffizi Gallery
RES ID :res13591

"This is My Body": Gender, Tattooing and Resistance in the United States: A Thesis Submitted to the Temple University Graduate Board in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Art, by Melissa M. Forbis, May, 1994
RES ID :res3323

Studying Visual Communication
RES ID :res3134

RES ID :res2900

University of Central England Faculty of the Built Environment
RES ID :res13139

Celtic Art and Cultures
RES ID :res14451

Bibliotheca Alexandrina: the revival of the ancient library of Alexandria
RES ID :res14877

The Paolo Uccello Website
RES ID :res13834

Gateway to Van Gogh at
RES ID :res3140

The Archive: Historic and Artistic Photographs
RES ID :res13125

Traditional Crafts of Japan
RES ID :res14660

Museum Jean Tinguely Basel
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British Standards Institution
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Muybridge: Telling Stories
RES ID :res12875

Art Nouveau World Wide
RES ID :res13541

John Heartfield
RES ID :res15055

Be Realistic -Demand the Impossible: Posters From the Revolution, Paris, May '68
RES ID :res15056

De Slijperij: Ruimte voor Beeldende Kunst
RES ID :res3299

Martin Scorsese: Movies and the Man
RES ID :res13667

Furball: Damien Hirst Interview
RES ID :res13761

Televisual Representations of Roman Catholic Priests: Father Ted
RES ID :res3110

Modern Masterworks: A Retrospective Look at Art of the 20th Century
RES ID :res12926

Digital Radio: DAB: Digital Audio Broadcasting: The Sound of the Future!
RES ID :res2956

London Fashion Week
RES ID :res14303

Danish Church Art
RES ID :res14882

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RES ID :res13314

A New Perspective on Science and Art
RES ID :res3261

bell hooks (1955- )
RES ID :res14721

The American Century
RES ID :res14806

RES ID :res13983

Greek Jewellery: Five Thousand Years of Tradition
RES ID :res13830

Akitsu Gallery: Contemporary Japanese Prints
RES ID :res14437

Welcome to the M.A. Mansoor Tel-El-Amarna Collection
RES ID :res14936

Antique Searcher
RES ID :res3183

AOI Online
RES ID :res14128

Arcosanti: A Prototype Arcology
RES ID :res12990

The New Art Gallery Walsall
RES ID :res14533

Art Crash
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RES ID :res13358

Words of Art: an On-line Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts
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RES ID :res13642

The Robert J. Shiffler Collection & Foundation: Contemporary Art & Culture
RES ID :res2942

Boomtown Frankfurt
RES ID :res14607

Byzantium 1200
RES ID :res14880

Paintings of Vermeer
RES ID :res13290

The Cambridge Arts Council Public Art Program
RES ID :res13797

Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information
RES ID :res14383

Circline: Your Source for the World's Finest Antiques
RES ID :res2837

Clocks & Watches: A Select Bibliography
RES ID :res2838

Cloisonné: A Select Bibliography Including Chinese & Japanese Iconography
RES ID :res2839

18th Century French Furniture: A Select Bibliography Including Gilt Bronze Mounts
RES ID :res2840

Indo-Tibetan Art: A Select Bibliography
RES ID :res2841

Collective Art Gallery
RES ID :res14063

The Costume Gallery's Online Library
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RES ID :res14785

Cronenberg: The New Flesh Directory
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bell hooks
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RES ID :res14906

Maya Deren
RES ID :res3165

Edinburgh College of Art Links: Degree Shows
RES ID :res14031

Edith Head
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RES ID :res14130

Elle Magazine Online
RES ID :res14014

Figueras International Seating
RES ID :res2896

Sources for Building History: A Guide to Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles
RES ID :res3064
RES ID :res14473

The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
RES ID :res14940

SPIRO Architecture Image Library, University of California at Berkeley
RES ID :res13044

Musée D'Orsay
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RES ID :res14162

Olivia Parker
RES ID :res2926

Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group
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RES ID :res2768

David Rago Auctions, Inc. Home Page
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RES ID :res13452

LipService: Magazine of London Independent Photography
RES ID :res14109

The Lounge Gallery of Art
RES ID :res14450

The Steel Research House
RES ID :res2902

Sitcom: What it is, How it Works
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1966: Fab Fashions of the Swinging Sixties
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